Wakefield Park Historics, September 2010


A big ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who attended Wakefield Park historics over the weekend, and to all of the organisers and marshals who made it happen! Our MG, Austin Seven and air-cooled racing car event was a huge success.  It was wonderful to see the cars out and about and on the track, as well as to chat with their drivers and owners.

The weekend offered plenty of thrilling racing, whether you were looking for Group N ‘three abreast into the first corner’ mayhem, smooth, consistent and sometimes sideways regularity or a slower-paced seat in the stands. There were plenty of tired tyres and exhausted, smiling faces on Sunday evening. This is particularly true for the MG, Austin Seven and air-cooled racing car drivers who, as a result of their specialty events, were rarely seen out of their cars!

The quality of driving and racing conduct was excellent once again and was a huge factor in producing such entertaining racing, as was the beautiful collection of historic sports and racing cars that continued to put smiles on faces even in their brief periods of respite from the track. Wandering around the track, pits and grounds at events like these is always great fun and it’s an excellent opportunity to check out the cars and chat to their friendly and enthusiastic owners and drivers.

But the most excellent quality, as always, came from the people. A finer, more friendly, helpful and positive group of people would be nigh impossible to find. Any time I saw someone with a mechanical issue, a part they needed or just looking for advice on racing lines, there were five people jumping to lend a hand, wrench or brain. And then in their spare moments between events, it was good friends sitting together and chatting about life, the universe and everything cars.

It may be historic cars, racing and the thrill of the track that bring us together, but it’s friends that bring us back time and time again.

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Results for the weekend are online on the Natsoft website and will be up on our own results page soon.

We have our first photo gallery from the event online on the new site, so click this link to go straight there, or navigate to the photo gallery and then to Wakefield Park September 2010 to have a look. You can also find the gallery online on our Facebook page, which can be found at www.facebook.com/hsrca.

If you are amongst the many talented photographers who attended the event over the weekend and would like your work featured on the club website, please send me an email at seth@hsrca.com or head to the Facebook page and let us know. I would especially like to put some video footage up on the club’s YouTube channel, so feel free to get in contact if you were filming over the weekend and would like some help getting your work out there!

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