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Historic Summer Eastern Creek

There are just four days between us and a big weekend of historic motorsport at the recently-renovated Sydney Motor Sport Park. So, to keep ourselves occupied until it’s time to pack up our historic sports and racing cars and head out to the track with our mates, let’s take a look back at what went down the last time we visited the circuit formally known as Eastern Creek.

Our previous event at Sydney Motor Sport Park took place back in the golden summer of 2011. It got off to a soggy start, but soon the sun was out to shine on a wonderful collection of classic racing machinery which kept the track roaring and the pits and paddock buzzing for an excellent weekend. Particularly busy were the guys and gals in Group S, who put on some exciting and well-driven endurance racing in their feature event.

Take a minute to click through the links below for the stories and photos which tell the story of the weekend:

Eastern Creek Historic Summer Photo Gallery: Pits and Paddock

HSRCA All Historic Summer Eastern Creek 2011

HSRCA Historic Summer Eastern Creek 2011: Track Action

HSRCA Historic Summer Eastern Creek 2011: Richard Taylor

To check out what we got up to this time last year, click this link.

And click this link for all of the information you’ll need to prepare for the upcoming weekend of historic motorsport.

As for our next visit to Sydney Motor Sport Park – it’s the 2012 Tasman Revival and it’s coming this November 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2012. It’s going to be huge!

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