Winter Historics Wrap Up, Photos and Video

Historic Racing at Sydney Motor Sport Park

It’s time to settle down for some traditional post-race-meeting reminiscing with our first photo galleries from the weekend and an excellent video from Matt Hart to tell the tale of our Winter Historics at Sydney Motor Sport Park .

We were greeted with beautiful and warm winter sunshine on Saturday morning, which set the mood for a warm and lighthearted weekend of historic racing, tinkering with cars and spending some quality time with quality people.

winter at the park from Matt Hart

There were a few stop and starts on Sunday, but overall the racing was clean and entertaining and drivers did an excellent job of keeping all four wheels on the black stuff. It’s always a thrill to see and hear these lovely old machines out doing what they do best, so thanks for getting out there with us!

Historic Racing at Sydney Motor Sport Park

As always the feature Group S endurance races were great fun – closely competed right through to the end and an energetic, collaborative atmosphere.

Historic Racing at Sydney Motor Sport Park

The pits and paddock, always full of beautiful machines and buddies old and new, were a delight to explore. If you’re new to historic racing (or if you’ve been doing it your whole life), make sure to spend some time wandering, checking out the cars and chatting to the drivers. It’s a friendly and fun atmosphere and a great opportunity to get to know some historic sports and racing cars and the people who love them.

A huge and heartfelt ‘THANK YOU!’ to all of the organisers, entrants, spectators and especially the volunteers who make all of this possible. We are extremely grateful for your tireless and selfless support of historic racing and the HSRCA.

It’s the people, friendships and camaraderie that really make these events, so thank you all for getting involved and putting on a great weekend. We can’t wait for Wakefield Park in September!

The first of our photo galleries from the weekend are online and you can check them out on our ‘Photo Gallery‘ page here, or by clicking the handy links below.

HSRCA All Historic Winter Sydney Motor Sport Park 2012: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Winter Sydney Motor Sport Park 2012: Jeremy Braithwaite

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We love to promote the work of our many talented mates, so if you have photos, video, or stories from the weekend and would like to share them on the club website, send an email to, or drop by the club Facebook page and say hi.

Huge thanks to Jeremy Braithwaite for sharing his work. Make sure to head to his website here for a whole lot more from the weekend, and to organise prints.

And another huge thanks to Matt Hart for his excellent video winter at the park. Head to his Vimeo channel here to explore the rest of his work.

Photography by Jeremy Braithwaite and Seth Reinhardt

Video by Matt Hart

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