Loose Fillings #41 – Winter/Spring 2012

50s Historic Racing

About three times a year Garry Simkin, Terry Wright and journalist Graham Howard put out a newsletter called ‘Loose Fillings’, which chronicles the many adventures of historic air-cooled racing cars from the 1950s.

The team has been hard at work since May and is back with their second edition for 2012, which they have kindly offered for download here on the HSRCA website!

This edition features a ‘new’ MK5 Cooper from South Africa and Sydney’s pioneering Hooper 500, further investigates Kiefts in New Zealand and celebrates the lives of Bill Stone and Les Leston. It is, as always, beautifully designed and packed with particularly wonderful photographs and articles. It’s always worth setting aside a few minutes to enjoy it.

Just right-click on the link below and select ‘Save as’, or simply click to head straight to it.

Loose Fillings #41 [PDF]

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