Photo Gallery: Historic Racing by the Sydney Photo Fun Meetup Group

Historic Racing Meetup

Sydney Photo Fun is a Meetup group which promotes learning and practicing photography by getting out into the world, taking photos and sharing the experience with a like-minded and fun group of people. The group joined us at Sydney Motor Sport Park for our recent winter historics event, and have kindly provided some of their shots for display here on the website.

Some really interesting perspectives can come from a group of creative people, so we’re really pleased to be able to share their work with you here. Head to our gallery page by clicking this link for the full selection of their photographs.

There are plenty more to enjoy, so make sure to click this link and head to their Meetup gallery. If you’re interested in photography or the group, this link will take you to to their page where you can check it all out and get involved.

Special thanks to Annette, Wendy AtkinsJim Brownett, Remko ten Bruggencate, Charlene Carpenter, Andrew Jager, Michelle McCue, Fiona PineNeil Scott, Michael Stevens, Rob Techera and George Wong.

Via Sydney Photo Fun!

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