2014 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

We’ve had a couple days to make the road trip home from Wakefield Park, catch up on some rest and settle back into everyday life after a full weekend of historic racing at our 2014 Wakefield Park Summer Historics, and I think that means we’re well due for a look back at the action!

We kicked off our year of historic motorsport with a gentle trip to Goulburn and a full set of races for all of our historic sports and racing car categories. With no set theme for this meeting, it was all about getting our cars out on the track, warming up after the holiday break and catching up with our mates.

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

And everyone involved did just that. The tireless efforts of our volunteers, clean racing from our competitors and top notch planning from our organisers kept things running smoothly and on time and had the racetrack singing throughout the weekend. After a few technical retirements over the course of the weekend we ended up mixing a handful of grids and running longer races on Sunday to make sure that our competitors had their fill of racing and keep the fields full and exciting.

The quality of driving and racing was uniformly excellent throughout the weekend, and each one of the wonderful collection of historic sports and racing cars present at the weekend was immaculately prepared. Thank you to our competitors for putting on a great weekend of racing and, most importantly, doing so in a safe and responsible manner!

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

The pits and paddock were, as always, a joy do explore; full of good friends enjoying each other’s company and spinning wild tales of racing adventure, historic race car repair, preparation, maintenance and tinkering, and the aforementioned collection of immaculately-prepared historic sports and racing cars.

I say this at the end of every race meeting, but it’s each and every one of you who make our events special and create the happy, social buzz that surrounds every weekend of historic racing we enjoy together. Thanks for making our weekends so easy and fun!

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

Most importantly we, and I’m sure everyone involved, would like to thank our selfless and tireless volunteers who lend their skills, energy and love to our events and make all of this possible. You are the lifeblood of historic motorsport, and we can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU!

Make sure to check out our first four photo galleries from the event, which are online on the ‘Gallery‘ page here, and keep an eye on the site over the coming weeks as we endeavour to bring you all the content that we can muster from the event.

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Michelle McCue

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Peter Schell

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Richard Taylor

We love to promote the work of our many talented mates, so if you have photos, video, or stories from the weekend and would like to share them on the club website, send an email to seth@hsrca.com, or drop by the club Facebook page and say hi.

Up next? Sydney Retro Speedfest at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 3rd and 4th of May. Check out this page for everything you need to know about the event, and stay tuned to the site for more information as the event develops.

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

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