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Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

It’s a rainy Wednesday afternoon, but we’re only two days from our first historic racing outing of the year, our Historic Summer at Wakefield Park, and that makes for a sunny disposition.

To keep you going for the next two days, and serve as some inspiration, we thought we’d take a look back at our previous adventure at Wakefield Park – the 2013 Historic Spring at Wakefield Park.

Historic Racing Wakefield Park

In contrast to the soggy start to our February 2013 event, Wakefield Park greeted us with springtime warmth, beautiful greenery and a backdrop of golden fields of canola. And we went and made it much more exciting by filling the track with two jam-packed days of historic racing for all categories of historic sports and racing car.

Check out the wrap up and photo galleries from the event below:

2013 Wakefield Park Spring Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

HSRCA All Historic Spring 2013: Richard Taylor

HSRCA All Historic Spring 2013: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Spring 2013: Peter Schell

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