2014 Tasman Trophy Wrap-Up and Gallery

Images: Seth Reinhardt

Welcome home, and thanks for a happy weekend of historic motorsport!

The 2014 Tasman Trophy was held over the last weekend of November and produced a stunning weekend of historic racing for the wonderful group of volunteers, drivers and spectators who support us. Take a few minutes to put your feet up and reminisce with our wrap-up and the first of our photo galleries.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

It’s always exciting pulling in to Sydney Motorsport Park at the start of a race weekend. The track has a brilliant motorsport buzz surrounding it, and it’s a joy to race on a track with such history, and one which presents such great opportunity for challenging and exciting racing.

This weekend was, of course, no exception. We were greeted with the song of motorsport in the summer air and a full weekend’s opportunity ahead of us.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Building upon the huge success of our Tasman Revival historic race meetings, the Tasman Trophy is a national historic race meeting featuring cars of the golden era of motor racing and providing feature events for cars from the original Tasman Series as well as Formula 5000s.

The event was very well supported and we were able to fill Sydney Motorsport Park to the brim with a collection of historic sports and racing cars that spanned every historic racing category. The variety and depth of interesting, storied and exciting historic machinery was brilliant!

We were especially pleased to welcome friends old and new from overseas, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. We greatly appreciate your support, dedication and commitment for making the trip and getting involved!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Speaking of commitment, the quality of driving on display was, as always, magnificent. Racing was clean, respectful and exciting and we thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the action around the track.

Thank you to all of our drivers for putting on a fun weekend’s historic motorsport! Your support means a great deal to us, and we continue to work hard to improve the opportunities we’re able to offer you to enjoy historic motorsport, historic motor cars and good clean racing!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

When the heat of the action got too intense, the pits and paddock at Sydney Motorsport Park made a welcome and fun refuge. Historic motorsport offers unparalleled access to competitors and their historic machinery and it’s always wonderful to explore the grounds, catch up with friends, make new ones and tinker with historic racing and sports cars.

The atmosphere in the pits and paddock was relaxed and social, with a healthy buzz as competitors and crews worked to keep their cars in stunning shape. We may go on like we do all of this for the cars, but really it’s to spend quality time with mates. So thank you for making this happen, and for making a lap of the pits and paddock so much fun!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

When it comes to making things fun, we have our wonderful, talented and dedicated volunteers to thank. A baffling amount of work goes on behind the scenes and without volunteers who devote their free time and talent to making everything happen, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this.

We, and everyone involved, would like to send out our most heartfelt and everlasting thanks to each and every one of you. Once again you have gone above and beyond, braved the elements and invested your incredible skills and talents into bringing happiness to others. You make all of this possible and we cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

With that, it’s time to tuck in to some photos! The first of our galleries are online and you can enjoy them over on the ‘Gallery‘ page or from the handy links to follow:

2014 Tasman Trophy: Riccardo Benvenuti

2014 Tasman Trophy: Brent Murray

2014 Tasman Trophy: Seth Reinhardt

2014 Tasman Trophy: Peter Schell

2014 Tasman Trophy: Richard Taylor

Many thanks to Brent, Peter Riccardo, Richard and Seth for the photos.

You can find more from Brent at his website here, visit Riccardo here, explore more from Richard by clicking this link and find more from Seth or Peter with a quick email here.

Next up: family, friends and holiday spirit! We then kick off 2015 with the Ron Tauranac AO 90th Birthday Celebration Lunch on Tuesday the 13th of January, before getting stuck back in to historic motorsport at Wakefield Park over the 21st and 22nd of February.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Ron Tauranac


Ron Tauranac enjoying the pits & paddock, photos by Peter Eppel

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