Join the HSRCA in 2015 for a Golden Year of Historic Sports and Racing Cars

Historic Racing 2015

Fresh from a brilliant Tasman Trophy weekend, the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of New South Wales is pleased to provide a full four-event historic racing calendar for 2015.

Wakefield Park and Sydney Motorsport Park will again share hosting duties in 2015, with two events at each throughout the course of the year.

Wakefield Park is up first with the HSRCA’s Historic Summer event over the weekend of the 21st-22nd of February, with pre-practice held on Friday the 20th. Surely a brilliant opportunity to get back into historic motorsport and catch up with friends after the holiday period.

The Heritage Touring Cars series will join us over the weekend, kicking off their 2015 championship season at the event.

The Heritage Touring Cars series is a six round series featuring genuine Group C and A touring cars which did battle in Australian touring car racing between 1973 and 1992. These machines are an absolute marvel on the track and will be driven hard, and the HSRCA is thrilled to host a round of their championship once again.

Held in collaboration between the HSRCA and the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, Sydney Retro Speedfest will take over Sydney Motorsport Park on 6th-7th June, the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

The event’s inaugural running in 2014 proved hugely popular with drivers and spectators alike. Drivers in Groups C & A, Group N, Group S, Formula Ford, Formula Vee, M&O, Q&R and Regularity enjoyed unprecedented track time resulting in high-quality racing and a brilliant weekend for all involved. We are thrilled to make this opportunity available to everyone once again in 2015.

Sydney Retro Speedfest will play host to round three of the Heritage Touring Car 2015 championship season.

The second half of the year will see the Club heading back to Wakefield Park for our Historic Spring meeting. This meeting will include feature races for pre and post-WW2 historic sports and racing cars in Groups J, K and L, as well as an enduro event for Regularity.

Feature events for our early cars are well-supported and a favourite in the calendar, and it’s always a joy to see these beautifully-prepared cars driven in a spirited fashion, as well as to explore them up close in the pits and paddock, and meet and chat with the people who care for and drive them.

The Regularity enduro will see teams of three drivers nominate the number of laps that they will complete in a test of endurance and consistency.

Mark the 19th-20th September 2015 in your diaries and look forward to a wonderful weekend’s historic racing.

The HSRCA’s 2015 historic racing calendar will conclude with a premiere event at Sydney Motorsport Park over the 28th-29th of November.

In addition to these weekend-long competition events, HSRCA track days at Marulan will make their return in 2015. These non-competition events feature time trials and driver training for members, family and friends of the HSRCA and promise a lot of fun in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Stay tuned for more information as dates are confirmed.

The HSRCA will also provide a full programme of social events throughout 2015. These will range from the popular ‘Club Plate Runs’ through to Social Meetings with special guest speakers. Watch this space for more details!

The HSRCA is both pleased and proud to once again provide a full year of opportunity to enjoy historic sports and racing cars in good company and a safe, respectful environment. We are greatly appreciative of the support of this wonderful community, and look forward to sharing another brilliant year with you!

2015 Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of New South Wales Competition Calendar

21st & 22nd of February, 2015, HSRCA Historic Summer at Wakefield Park

6th & 7th of June, 2015, Sydney Retro Speedfest at Sydney Motorsport Park

19th & 20th of September, 2015, HSRCA Historic Spring at Wakefield Park

28th & 29th of November, 2015, HSRCA Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park

Historic Racing 2015

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