A Huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to Wes Dayton

Wes Dayton

We are thrilled to announce that Wes Dayton was awarded an honorary life membership to the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of NSW at the Tasman Trophy on Saturday.

The honorary life membership was awarded for Wes’ exceptional and sustained contribution to the club over many years.

Wes works tirelessly to maintain, care for and promote the club, its members and its events, and we’re sure most of you will have enjoyed his help and friendship through your dealings with the club.

Wes your contributions to this club are immeasurable. We are endlessly grateful for all that you do and to be so lucky to call you a friend. THANK YOU!

“Amongst the various Presidents that Wes has assisted, not many of us have really been computer literate, nor are, or were, we not hard task masters!”

“Wes has worked with a lot of differing requirement through his time with the Club. Not only has he administered the Club, but he also took over the role of Editor of the Oily Rag after the late John Sexton retired from that position.”

“In my term as Treasurer and President, Wes has been a massive help in so many ways. Thank you Wes!” – David Medley

Wes Dayton

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