Vale Merv Collins

Merv Collins

It is with sadness that we advise of the passing of member Merv Collins on Thursday 15th September, 2016.

Originally starting his racing in go carts before progressing to Mini Coopers where he participated in the inaugural Mini-Monte in 1965.

Merv started funding his open wheel racing through bartering work for Guy Buckingham assisting in the building of other Notas to allow him the opportunity to build his own 1964 Nota. He raced with the Scuderia-Avanti team for a number of years, a venture which not only helped him win many events but also a heart, meeting his future wife on a blind date at an event for the team.

He then went on to run a Hadley Safari with his brother in-law Neville Carden, until that car was left parked head on in the poplar trees at Homestead Corner, Warwick Farm. Always with a sense of humour he got the car home, with the front wheels touching and left a note for Neville advising that it needed a wheel alignment.

Merv is survived from by his wife Janice, daughter Tiffane and her partner David. Merv regaining possession of his original Nota, five years ago, which David is now planning to get back on the track.

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