Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland Launches New Website

Our brothers and sisters up in Queensland, the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland, have kicked off the year with a very pretty and modern new website.

The Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland has started the new year with a bang by posting a new website to showcase and promote Historic Racing in Queensland and across Australia. The club wanted to create a modern interface to generate more interest in historic motorsport for its members and the public.

By providing more information online about historic motorsport, news and details for the race events scheduled for 2017 it is hoped it will attract interest from people who would like to step into grass roots motorsport.

We hope you’ll support them in their efforts to nurture our wonderful historic racing community. Check out the new website at their usual address: www.hrcc.org.au

2 thoughts on “Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland Launches New Website”

  1. I have a Robnell Cobra and live in Queensland (Brisbane). I was wanting to enjoy the advantages on rego for joining a club. Would this club be suitable for my car and me?


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