Aussie Racing Cars at the 2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

Aussie Racing Cars at Wakefield Park running with the Fujitsu Series in 2008, with Paul Morris and Russell Ingall competing over the weekend. Photo by John Morris, thanks to Aussie Racing Cars

The HSRCA is pleased to announce that the Aussie Racing Cars series will be joining us for the 2020 HSRCA Spring Festival at Wakefield Park over the 28th to 30th of August.

With racing drivers keen to return to the track and high demand for circuits, some categories have been looking for opportunities to complete race series in the second half of 2020. We responded positively to a request by Aussie Racing Cars to be an invited category to our Spring Festival at Wakefield Park Raceway in August. This decision helps them to complete their 2020 series by the end of the year, offers us wider publicity and exposes our classes to the members of their category and their followers.

We will be running events for all of our usual categories, including the BMC Challenge and team event for Regularity, and the inclusion of Aussie Racing Cars will not negatively affect track time for these events. Participants in our usual classes will have priority in garage and carport allocation.

Aussie Racing Cars is a popular category that often runs as support to the V8 Supercars. Inspired by the American Legend category and conceived locally by Phil Ward in the mid-1990s, the category has been running a fundamentally unchanged set of technical specifications for nearly 20 years. The cars are essentially 20th century rather than 21st century technology, so they will fit with our meeting.

Our regular Clerk of Course for this meeting is Race Director for the category and is familiar with their rules and requirements. Our planning for the meeting and canvassing of interest indicates that we can accommodate the group. They will practice and qualify on Friday as one of the practice groups scheduled for that day.

This is a one-off arrangement and it is pleasing to know that people look to, or are referred to, us for opportunities and the display of goodwill and friendly meeting will spread our message.

For more information about Aussie Racing Cars, head to their official website at

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  1. Great news HSRCA, we here at Velocity Magazine cannot wait to be there with you and the team at Aussie Racing Cars, we are big supporters of this category and they are of us, its a brilliant fit thats for sure. The Festival will be a fantastic event, with plenty of great racing! See you soon, Darin Mandy and John Morris.


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