An Update on Spring Festival COVID-19 Venue Capacity & Garages Filling Fast

We have seen an awesome response to the upcoming Spring Festival, and would like to thank everyone for their interest and support. Entry to the event is still open and available through Motorsport Australia’s Members’ Portal, which you can head to by clicking the following link:

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation, including all rules and regulations relating to it, closely. At this stage we are confident that we will be able to run a safe and enjoyable meeting, with a full range of COVID-19 safety precautions implemented.

However, the situation remains in flux, with every day presenting a new challenge. We have set a date of the 4th of August to give the meeting the final go ahead and will be in touch then.

Full COVID-19 guidelines will be made available over the coming weeks. The key requirement which we would like to introduce today is the hard limit on venue capacity under which we will operate.

The number of entrants, drivers and crew which we can admit is 400, plus officials and circuit staff. Names and contact information for everyone who attends the venue will be required ahead of time and we will advise a mechanism for this ahead of the event. Entry will be by registered name on a list and presentation of ID on entry to the circuit. Not registered, then no entry.

We anticipate more than 150 entrants and drivers, but will not have an exact number until on-time entry has closed. The priority for entry will be the entrant, driver and one essential crew. As 95% of drivers are also entrants and a substantial number of drivers come alone, we hope to have a pool of places which can then be assigned on merit to persons not covered by the above, namely a family member or close friend who usually offers support to the entrant/driver.

To close, some more usual race meeting news – with strong interest in the event, pitlane garages and carports are almost fully booked. There are a few B black garages remaining. If you enter after this point, you may find that you will need to go on a waiting list or consider a B block garage. We will make every effort to accommodate your requests, and may be in contact in support of doing so.

Thanks as always for your support. We hope that you are staying safe and well and in particular would like to send our best to everyone navigating the challenging situation in Victoria at the moment.

Yours in motorsport,
The HSRCA Race Committee

1 thought on “An Update on Spring Festival COVID-19 Venue Capacity & Garages Filling Fast”

  1. Is there any word yet as to whether I, as an HSRCA member will be permitted to attend as a spectator the Wakefield Park meeting at the end of the month, the the E Ck meeting at the end of November?

    Given the bloody football and horse racing crowds allowed, I think something needs to be done as far as lobbying the State Government on this anomaly.

    I have prepared a letter to the Premier and my local member raising this issue, but thought I would ask the question of the HSRCA first.



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