2021 Sydney Classic Programme, Entry List, Driver’s Briefing, Garage, Carport & Marquee Allocations and More

The provisional programme of events, garage, carport and marquee allocations, driver’s briefing and paddock layout for the 2021 Sydney Classic are now available.

Please download them from the following links:

2021 Sydney Classic Provisional Programme of Events [PDF] Revised 09/06/21 to remove the Group Q & R night race

2021 Sydney Classic Provisional Entry List [PDF] As at Thursday, June 10

2021 Sydney Classic Driver Briefing [PDF]

2021 Sydney Classic Garage, Carport & Marquee Allocations [PDF]

2021 Sydney Classic Paddock Layout [PDF]

Competitors, the full set of instructions including information about bump-in, sign-on and other details are available on the ‘Sydney Classic’ page of the site.

The Sydney Classic has turned out to be a most exciting event and has been managed under two unusual circumstances. We were thrilled to receive an extraordinarily large number of entries, which peaked at over 260. We then had to manage the last-minute advent of the extended Victorian lockdown, which led to a number of last minute withdrawals.

These two factors made for very complex event planning and multiple changes on the fly. As a result, the programme, garage allocations and the like have had to be changed multiple times in a very short space of time to try to accommodate all entrants. We have made every effort to produce the best result possible, but not all entrants may have received their ideal race program slot or garage allotment as a result.

Your understanding of the above is very much appreciated by the race committee.

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