Plans for a One-Day Meeting at Wakefield Park November 5th

It has been too long since we’ve rolled off the dummy grid and spent some time on the track, and we are very hopeful to be able to rectify that with a one-day race meeting at Wakefield Park on Friday the 5th of November.

We have formed a provisional plan for the meeting, which also encompasses a track day on Thursday the 4th organised by Dean Chapman and the team at Wakefield Park. The track day on the fourth will feature special historic-only sessions to accommodate us and function as an optional practice day.

On Friday the 5th, we are planning for qualifying and two races. The usual Motorsport Australia historic categories will be catered for, but grids (and combined grids) will depend on the entry levels.

The event will be conducted by the circuit, with HSRCA support and management. It is unlikely to be run with a Motorsport Australia permit, and we will provide any alternate permit details, including insurance coverage, when entries open. It is proving difficult to obtain officials on a weekday, and we may be running with the lights operated from race control.

We expect an entry fee of $225, including a garage or carport, so early entry is encouraged. Entry will be handled by the Wakefield Park entry system, which many of you will be familiar with having booked Friday practice online.

We are hopeful that the Thursday Track day could be a good time to introduce family and friends to your race car, or to have friends take their cars onto the track with a Wakefield park licence in a first-timers’ session.

All arrangements are subject to NSW public health orders. We will follow all health advice and best practice to ensure the event is run in a safe, responsible and compliant manner.

A final decision will be taken on the 15th of October to give the event the official go-ahead, when we hope to know more about the health restrictions we’ll be living under, and the possibility of travel to the regions.

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