Welcoming Early Modern Regularity, Policy Available for Download

The HSRCA is pleased to welcome a new category of timed competition to its race meetings – Early Modern Regularity. The category will join Historic Regularity, and a new policy covering both is available for download from the following link.

HSRCA Early Modern and Historic Regularity Policy [PDF]

Introduced in 2023, Early Modern Regularity covers:

  • Production cars, which normally must have been built by 2010. At the discretion of the Club, cars built later may be accepted if technically identical to pre-2010 build or be of special interest. The Club retains the discretion for acceptance.
  • Improved production cars and sports racing cars and replicas of sports racing cars that in competition or other speed events normally lap more slowly than the mandated minimum lap time.

Regularity is an excellent preparation for race class because it emphasises the ability to lap consistently, to do so in close company with other cars and cope with greater speed differentials than may be experienced in race class. The participants are friendly, some are highly skilled and experienced, and many are willing to help with car preparation and driving.

We look forward to seeing Early Modern Regularity on track for the first time at the 2023 Summer Festival, joined by Historic Regularity and Supersprint in timed classes, along with the full range of historic race classes.

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