Your 2023 Summer Festival Competitor Info Pack is Available

In just a few short days we’ll be warming up for the 2023 Summer Festival with private practice at Sydney Motorsport Park. All the documentation and information you’ll need for the weekend is below.

Please make sure to download, read and fill in the relevant documents:

2023 HSRCA Summer Festival Supplementary Regulations [PDF]

2023 Summer Festival Further Regulations [PDF]

Motorsport Australia Self-Scrutiny Checklist (Speed) [PDF]

Motorsport Australia Self-Scrutiny Checklist (Race) [PDF]

Motorsport Australia Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance [PDF]

Motorsport Australia Risk Warning, Disclaimer and Indemnity [PDF]

2023 Summer Festival Paddock Map [PDF]

2023 Summer Festival Provisional Programme of Events [PDF]

2023 Summer Festival Entry & Garage List [PDF]

2023 Summer Festival Group S Enduro Race Regulations [PDF]

All relevant information is also available on the ‘Summer Festival’ page of the website.

Bump In

Bump-in will be from 6:00am on Friday November 24.

  • All areas of the circuit are in use on the Thursday evening, by other groups.

Private Practice

The schedule for Friday practice shows a drivers’ briefing at 7:45am, but there will be alternate arrangements if you cannot make the briefing. Practice will commence from 8:30 am and the programme will be available.

Please make every effort to enter online (click this link). This makes the early Friday morning sign on much more efficient. Entry for practice, in person, is also possible on Friday,

This event is conducted for us by the ARDC (not HSRCA)

Paddock Layout and Use

A paddock map is at the above link. Please adhere to this map, particularly in taking up a position on the skid pan. Also, please assist by parking your tender vehicle and trailer in the designated parking areas (not the paddock.)

Sign On and Scrutineering

Entry passes and HSRCA sign-on will be available in the Hinxman Room from 11:00am Friday morning (practice day). Please bring the following:

  • Proof of membership of an MSA affiliated car club
  • Your completed “Self Statement of Vehicle Compliance” form
  • Your vehicle logbook, if applicable

We have allocated two entry passes to each competitor. Your HSRCA member’s card can act as an additional pass, plus one guest. Extra passes are available upon request. Please only take what you need.

This will also include tender vehicle passes. Please insert your race car number on the tender pass.

Saturday Morning Entry

If you are not arriving at the circuit until Saturday morning:

  • Entry passes should be available at the gate. Enter the circuit and set up your car at your allocated space
  • Complete your competitor sign-on for the event with the race secretary
  • Drivers’ briefing will be at 8:15am in the Hinxman Room.


RaceFuels have filled the tanks for us ahead of our Summer Festival race meeting. Permanent bowsers are located uphill from race control, which will be operating throughout the weekend.

Three fuels will be available:

  • E-85 Race Blend – $2.75 per litre
  • Elf Race 102 – $5.25 per litre
  • 98RON – $2.75 per litre

The bowsers at SMSP have also been updated with Paywave, so competitors can ‘tap and go’ when they get their fuel. To buy your fuel:

  1. Press 1 on the keypad to begin
  2. Select your required pump
  3. Tap or insert credit card
  4. Enter your required amount in dollars. Enter full dollar amounts, no decimal places
  5. Go to the pump and fill your car or jerry can

There is limited Elf Core 50 in 50L drums available, which will need to be ordered through or by calling the office on (03) 9706 5233.

We appreciate your support of the 2023 Summer Festival, and look forward to a great weekend together. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via reply here.

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