CAMS Summit

CAMS’ management and staff have planned a number of improvements, many aimed at making it easier to do business with CAMS. If you are interested in reading the summarised results of this get-together we have placed two files here (they will in due course also be available on the CAMS website): To download a pdf … Read on

AGM and Financial Results

The AGM has been held and the new committee can be found in another news item on this website. If you weren’t there and want to be sent a copy of the club’s 2008/9 financial results (members only) send your request to the club’s email address.

Conditional Registration

Keen to learn more about the Conditional Registration scheme (known to many as Club Plates)? Learn more about how to put your classic ‘on the road’ by downloading an article written by our Club Plate Registrar – Rick Marks. Click here.